Image of women using Baltimore medical transportation services

Maryland Medical Transportation Services

  • Door-to-door assistance, as requested
  • Consistent driver assignment – while we cannot guarantee the same driver every transport, it is our goal to maintain consistency for the client’s comfort
  • Safe, dependable transport
  • “Will Call” return procedure – a proven trip return procedure that ensures minimum waiting time
  • Courteous, knowledgeable drivers
  • Airport drop-off/ pick-up

Additional Services Provided (Please call for pricing)

  • Stretcher Transportation
  • School Transportation
  • Shopping Excursions
  • Sightseeing
  • Courier Services
  • Sport Events
  • Concerts

Our Rates

We always bill what we quote. We never charge hidden fees. You will never be billed extra for loading or unloading fees.

Our prices are based on zones. If you are unsure what zone you are in, have any questions, or for pricing on extended contract arrangements please call us at 410.814.5000 to verify your rate or schedule a ride today.

  • ZONE 1: 20-mile radius from Baltimore. The base rate of $22.95 plus $2.10 per mile each way.
  • ZONE 2: 20-30 mile radius from Baltimore. The base rate of $26.95 plus $2.10 per mile each way.
  • ZONE 3: 30-45 mile radius from Baltimore. The base rate of $34.45 plus $2.10 per mile each way.
  • ZONE 4: 45-70 mile radius from Baltimore. The base rate of  $46.95 plus $2.10 per mile each way.

*Pricing allows for one additional passenger to escort. The escort must be picked up at the same address as the passenger.

We Can Get You to Any Appointment Safely

SafeRide provides one of the most affordable and reliable Maryland medical transportation services in the state. We specialize in taking our patients to and from various medical appointments and locations such as…

Non-emergency hospital trips

If you need hospital treatment without the speed of an ambulance, we’re the service for you.

Dialysis Centers

If you’re currently in need of regular kidney dialysis appointments, we can make sure you’re there on time, every time.

Outpatient surgery

If you need reliable transportation for a surgery that doesn’t require an overnight stay, Saferide can help you get to and from your surgery location safely.


There are specialized clinics all over the Baltimore area, and whether you need a one-time ride or have weekly appointments, we can make sure you’re never a moment late.

Dentist appointments

Many dental procedures require anesthesia or have other requirements that make it impossible for the patient to drive. Whatever the case may be, rest assured that we’re here to help.

Doctor appointments

For all types of doctor’s appointments, Saferide can consistently and reliably get you there.

Day treatments

Day treatments range in type and frequency, but we’re here to provide you with safe transportation to each and every session.

Hospital centers

If you need to get to the hospital, we’re here to help make it easy for you.


Rehabilitation comes in all shapes and sizes, and it certainly isn’t an easy process. Make it just a bit easier by ensuring that you have safe transportation to every appointment.

Diagnostic centers

For any type of appointment involving a diagnostic center, we’re here to help make sure you arrive safely.


Traditional airport transportation can be a nightmare, but with Saferide, you don’t have to worry about a thing.


If you want to just enjoy a shopping trip without the hassle of transportation and parking, we can help make the process as easy as ever.