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Welcome To Saferide

Saferide offers an on-time, reservation only, transportation service that is affordable, flexible and worry-free.

All vehicles are cleaned and sanitized before every ride for your safety

Local Medical Transportation Services

Having a disability or medical condition that makes it difficult or impossible for you to drive yourself to and from destinations can hinder daily life. When you’ve exhausted your other travel resources or your friends and family aren’t available to give you a ride, you’re ultimately stuck. The lack of local medical transportation services puts medical care out of reach for countless Americans every day.

With Saferide, you no longer need to worry about whether or not you can make it to your appointment this week, or if you’ll be able to get groceries. With the transportation services from Saferide, you can always get where you need to go.

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Safe Ride local transportation service

What is Saferide?

We provide local medical transportation services in Baltimore and surrounding areas to those who need us. Our transports are on-time, which means you’ll never miss an appointment. We provide reservation only transportation so you can plan out your week in advance, and our services are flexible enough to accommodate your needs. If you’ve searched again and again for “medical transportation services near me,” then your search is finally over. Our affordable transportation is the solution to your travel problems.

We are based out of Baltimore, Maryland, although we cover a large geographic area. We service those in Baltimore City and all the surrounding counties, providing travel assistance to residents of various locations.

Our office is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you with making reservations in addition to weekly planning. We provide transportation Monday through Friday. We can accommodate you on Saturday upon request as well.

What local medical transportation services can I use Saferide for?

Saferide provides local medical transportation services for those who need to get to and from places such as:

  • Dialysis centers
  • Outpatient surgery
  • Clinics
  • Dentist appointments
  • Doctor appointments
  • Day treatments
  • Hospital centers
  • Rehabilitation
  • Diagnostic centers
  • Non-emergency hospital trips
  • Airports
  • Shopping
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Don’t worry. Call Saferide.

You shouldn’t have to skip an appointment because you couldn’t find someone to drive you. You shouldn’t have to cancel a treatment because the clinic’s one van isn’t in commission. You also shouldn’t have to sacrifice your freedom because of your ailment.

You should call Saferide.

Ultimately, if you are tired of setting up a mode of transportation as often as you set up a doctor’s appointment, give us a call today. We can help plan out your week in addition to having transportation at your door when you need it.