If you don’t see your medical transportation question here, please feel free to contact us.

Image of smiling woman using local medical transportation services

Transportation can be scheduled by calling our landline number, faxing us a trip request (download a pdf here), emailing us, as well as by filling out our online Request Form.

Our office is open, with reservationists available, 24 hours a day 7 days a week to assist you. Our fleet operates Monday through Friday during the hours of 7:00AM – 5:00PM. Additionally, service is available upon request as needed including Saturdays.

In order to maintain reliable service, we require 24-hour notice. If you have a last-minute need for transportation, please call 410.814.5000 and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Sorry, we do not offer stretcher transportation.

Yes. We offer full door-to-door service to meet all of your needs.

We do everything we can to ensure that you are picked up in a timely manner as well as safely. Saferide uses a “Will Call” return procedure to ensure minimum wait time.

Saferide’s fleet includes:

  • Sedan
  • Mini-van

All rates are based on zones originating from Baltimore City expanding outward from there. For more information on rates, please see our Services & Rates page. Ultimately, it is best to give us a call to discuss our rates.

Yes, we allow one companion at no additional charge. Companions must be picked up at the same address as the patient. Minors may not be considered a companion.

Trips must be cancelled before the driver arrives at the pick up address. Otherwise, the trip is considered complete. Cancellations can be made to 410.814.5000.

Why Consider Medical Car Transportation?

Finding a comfortable and reliable form of transportation as you age isn’t always easy. Accordingly, that’s why medical car services are growing in popularity as a viable option. Emergency vehicles aren’t practical for non-emergency needs, so when it comes to having a safe method of transportation for medical appointments, medical car services are there to provide for your needs. But before you choose a car service for medical appointments, it’s important to understand the facts. Here are just a few logical reasons to consider hiring a medical car service.

Ultimately, understanding these reasons can help you weigh the benefits and determine whether medical car services may be a good fit for your health needs. Don’t hesitate to contact services near you for more information about how to get started.

Increases Patient Access to Healthcare

First and foremost, medical transportation services, for many patients, are the only reliable source of getting from place to place that’s available and within their budget. It’s not at all uncommon for older patients to be unable to drive, and some are also unable to travel alone due to their mental state. The bottom line is that each and every patient has different medical needs, and medical transportation during these challenges increases accessibility for many patients with unique circumstances.

Affordable and Possibly Covered By Insurance

Depending on your insurance policy, your car service for medical appointments may not cost you a dime. There are countless insurance plans and other programs designed to make these services as affordable as possible for as many patients as possible. Accordingly, if you’re truly in need of these reliable medical transportation services, contact your insurance company to find out if you are eligible for reimbursement.

Medical Car Services are Reliable and Professional

Finally, unlike public transportation, medical transportation services are virtually always on time, ensuring you’re never late to your appointments. Furthermore, if you have a physical disability, there are trained professionals that can help you safely enter and exit the vehicle. Whatever your unique circumstances, trained professionals can accommodate them and keep you comfortable.