Image of smiling woman using local medical transportation services

Why SafeRide? For our Seniors who require rides to their Doctor, the supermarket or a social event. For our Children who, along with a caregiver, could use a ride to a medical appointment, school or practice. For ourselves, those of us who live alone or without reliable assistance and have a radiation appointment or day surgery and should not risk driving.

Why SafeRide? Our professional drivers are reliable and deliver consistent, top-notch service. Our vehicles are clean, modern, comfortable and well maintained.

Enough stress in your life? Let us navigate the world of subpar road conditions, aggressive drivers and increasing gas and insurance rates.

Why SafeRide? We offer door to door services. We will assist you to and from our vehicle. We will wait for you so you know we will be there when you are ready to depart. You can count on us to offer consistently reliable and friendly service.

Why SafeRide? Why not? Give us a call and find out why so many Baltimore area Residents, Hospitals and Medical Clinics trust SafeRide.